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ICA is a research laboratory that focuses on the study of structuressystems and mechanical processesOur research activities are intimately linked to those in the engineering industry. A special attention is paid to projects in the fields of aeronauticsspacetransportation and energyOur work focuses generally on behavior modelinginstrumentation and study of the durability of structures or products. An important part of our research focuses on composite materials, which is now widely used in structures.


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Last published articles G. Lélias, E. Paroissien, F. Lachaud, J. Morlier, S. Schwartz and C. Gavoille. An extended semi-analytical formulation for fast and reliable mode I/II stress analysis of adhesively bonded joints. International Journal of Solids and Structures. , . 2015 [DOI]
M. Ladonne, M. Chérif, Y. Landon, J.-Y. K'nevez, O. Cahuc and C. De Castelbajac. Modelling the vibration assisted drilling process: identification of influential phenomena. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. , . 2015 [DOI]
C. Rouzaud, F. Gatuingt, O. Dorival, G. Hervé and L. Kovalevsky. A new methodology for assessing the global dynamic response of large shell structures under impact loading. Engineering Computations. Accepted, . 2015
Open positions PhD: Etude à haute température des échanges thermiques lors de la mise en forme de tôles métalliques par formage superplastique. Contact: Yannick Le Maoult & Thomas Pottier. (more infos)
PhD: Thermally driven non-equilibrium micro gas flows. Contact: Marcos Rojas-Cárdenas & Stéphane Colin. (more infos)
PhD: Couplage de mesures de champs thermiques et cinématiques pour l'analyse thermodynamique multi échelles de l'endommagement de matériaux composites. Contact: Marie-Laetitia Pastor & Jean-Noël Périé. (more infos)


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