Welcome to the Clément Ader Institute (ICA, FRE CNRS 3687) website.

ICA is a research laboratory that focuses on the study of structuressystems and mechanical processesOur research activities are intimately linked to those in the engineering industry. A special attention is paid to projects in the fields of aeronauticsspacetransportation and energyOur work focuses generally on behavior modelinginstrumentation and study of the durability of structures or products. An important part of our research focuses on composite materials, which is now widely used in structures.


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Last published articles F. Samouda, S. Colin, C. Barrot, L. Baldas and J.J. Brandner. Micro molecular tagging velocimetry for analysis of gas flows in mini and micro systems. Microsystem Technologies. 21(3)527-537. 2015 [DOI]
J. Harvent, B. Coudrin, L. Brèthes, J.-J. Orteu and M. Devy. Shape Measurement Using a New Multi-Step Stereo-DIC Algorithm That Preserves Sharp Edges. Experimental Mechanics. 55(1)167-176. 2015 [DOI]
P. Longère and A. Dragon. Dynamic vs. quasi-static shear failure of high strength metallic alloys: Experimental issues. Mechanics of Materials. 80, 203-218. 2015 [DOI]
Open positions PhD: Impact of the water jet machining process on the mechanical behaviour of composite structure made of carbon fibers. Contact: Laurent Crouzeix & Redouane Zitoune. (more infos)
PhD: Thermally driven non-equilibrium micro gas flows. Contact: Marcos Rojas-Cárdenas & Stéphane Colin. (more infos)
PhD: Couplage de mesures de champs thermiques et cinématiques pour l'analyse thermodynamique multi échelles de l'endommagement de matériaux composites. Contact: Marie-Laetitia Pastor & Jean-Noël Périé. (more infos)


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