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Study of the dynamic behavior of a bolted joint under heavy loadings

Authors: S. Daouk, F. Louf, C. Cluzel, O. Dorival, L. Champaney and S. Audebert
Year: janvier 2017
Journal: Journal of Sound and Vibration.
Volume: 392, Pages: 307-324

DOI: 10.1016/j.jsv.2016.12.047

In structural dynamics, the quantification of the quality and reliability of numerical models remains a relevant issue. While the behavior of structures such as beams and plates is generally understood, a large number of industrial structures are bolted assemblies of many components with connections that are not well understood. The main reason for this lack of understanding is that the dynamical behavior of the whole assembly depends critically upon joint conditions, especially under heavy loadings. For the purpose of improving our understanding and the development of pertinent models, a dynamic test bed, based on a bolted structure, is designed and modal testing is performed. The configuration of the bolted joint and the level of the loading are the relevant parameters, related to joint conditions, that are considered in this study. The results of the experimental campaign show the variation of the dissipation in a bolted joint and its apparent stiffness as a function of joint conditions.

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