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[ACL1]D. Qiu, M. Paredes and S. Seguy. Variable pitch spring for nonlinear energy sink: application to passive vibration control. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science. Accepté, . 2018
[ACL2]D. Qiu, T. Li, S. Seguy and M. Paredes. Efficient targeted energy transfer of bistable nonlinear energy sink: application to optimal design. Nonlinear Dynamics. , Accepté. 2018
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[ACL4]J.-C. Passieux, R. Bouclier and J.-N. Périé. A space-time PGD-DIC algorithm: Application to 3D mode shapes measurements. Experimental Mechanics. , Online first. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL5]J.D.D. Rodriguez Ramirez, B. Castanié and C. Bouvet. Experimental and numerical analysis of the shear nonlinear behaviour of Nomex honeycomb core: application to insert sizing. Composite Structures. 193, 121-139. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL6]J.P. Susainathan, F. Eyma, E. De Luycker, A. Cantarel and B. Castanié. Experimental investigation of impact behavior of wood-based sandwich structures. Composites Part - A: Applied Science and Manufacturing. 109, 10-19. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL7]S. Guinard, R. Bouclier, M. Toniolli and J.-C. Passieux. Multiscale analysis of complex aeronautical structures using robust non-intrusive coupling. Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences. 5(1)1-27. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL8]O. Shtehin, S. Seguy, V. Wagner, Y. Landon, G. Dessein and M. Mousseigne. Low-frequency chatter genesis during inclined surface copy-milling with ball-end mill: experimental study. Machining Science and Technology. , Accepté. 2018
[ACL9]L. Toubal, R. Zitoune, F. Collombet and N. Rocher Gleizes. Moisture Effects on the Material Properties of a Jute/Epoxy Laminate: Impulse Excitation Technique Contribution. Journal of Natural Fibers. 15, 1-14. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL10]X. Chen, A. Soveja, M. Chaussumier, P. Zhang, D. Wei and F. Ding. Effect of MEVVA ion implantation on fatigue properties of TC18 titanium alloy. Surface and Coatings Technology. 344(25)572–578. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL11]O. Quénard, O. Dorival, P. Guy, A. Votié and K. Bréthomé. Measurement of fracture toughness of metallic materials produced by additive manufacturing. CEAS Space Journal. , . 2018 [DOI]
[ACL12]A. Mondière, V. Déneux, N. Binot and D. Delagnes. Controlling the MC and M2C carbide precipitation in Ferrium® M54® steel to achieve optimum ultimate tensile strength/fracture toughness balance. Materials Characterization. 140, 103-112. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL13]C.R. Cater, X. Xiao, R.K. Goldberg and X. Gong. Multiscale investigation of micro-scale stresses at composite laminate free edge. Composite Structures. 189, 545-552. 2018
[ACL14]T. Li, C.-H. Lamarque, S. Seguy and A. Berlioz. Chaotic characteristic of a linear oscillator coupled with vibro-impact nonlinear energy sink. Nonlinear Dynamics. 91(4)2319-2330. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL15]M. Azib, F. Baudoin, N. Binaud, C. Villeneuve-faure, F. Bugarin, S. Segonds and G. Teyssedre. Numerical simulations for quantitative analysis of electrostatic interaction between atomic force microscopy probe and an embedded electrode within a thin dielectric: meshing optimization, sensitivity to potential distribution and impact of cantilever contribution. Journal of Physics D - Applied Physics. in press, . 2018 [DOI]
[ACL16]N. Glaa, K. Mehdi and R. Zitoune. Numerical modeling and experimental analysis of thrust cutting force and torque in drilling process of titanium alloy Ti6Al4V. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. , 1-10. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL17]M. Duval, A. Lozinski, J.-C. Passieux and M. Salaün. Residual error based adaptive mesh refinement with the non-intrusive patch algorithm. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. 329, 118-143. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL18]F. Pascal, A. Rogani, B. Mahmoud, P. Navarro, S. Marguet and J.-F. Ferrero. Impact damage prediction in thin woven composite laminates – Part II: Application to normal and oblique impacts on sandwich structure. Composite Structures. , . 2018 [DOI]
[ACL19]F. Pascal, O. Dorival, P. Navarro, S. Marguet and J.-F. Ferrero. Impact damage prediction in thin woven composite laminates – Part I: Modeling strategy and validation. Composite Structures. , . 2018 [DOI]
[ACL20]O. Dorival, P. Navarro, S. Marguet, C. Petiot, M. Bermudez, D. Mesnagé and J.-F. Ferrero. Experimental results of medium velocity impact tests for reinforced foam core braided composite structures. Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials. 20(1)106-129. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL21]J.-M. Redonnet, A. Gamboa Vazquez, A. Traslosheros Michel and S. Segonds. Optimization of free-form surface machining using parallel planes strategy and torus milling cutter. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture. 232(2)240-250. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL22]T. Benhaddou, P. Stephan, A. Daidié, F. Alkatan, C. Chirol and J.-B. Tuery. Effect of axial preload on durability of aerospace fastened joints. International Journal Of Mechanical Sciences. 137, 214-223. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL23]S. Dubreuil, N. Bartoli, C. Gogu and T. Lefebvre. Extreme value oriented random field discretization based on an hybrid polynomial chaos expansion - Kriging approach. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. in press, . 2018 [DOI]
[ACL24]Y. Wang, C. Gogu, N. Binaud, C. Bes, R. Haftka and N.-H. Kim. Predictive airframe maintenance strategies using model-based prognostics. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part O: Journal of Risk and Reliability. in press, . 2018
[ACL25]M. Bouhlel , N. Bartoli, R. Regis, A. Ostmane and J. Morlier. Efficient global optimization for high-dimensional constrained problems by using the Kriging models combined with the partial least squares method. ENGINEERING OPTIMIZATION. , . 2018 [DOI]
[ACL26]P. Longère. Adiabatic shear banding assisted dynamic failure: Some modeling issues. Mechanics of Materials. 116, 49-66. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL27]P. Longère. Respective/combined roles of thermal softening and dynamic recrystallization in adiabatic shear banding initiation. Mechanics of Materials. 117, 81-90. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL28]D. Qiu, S. Seguy and M. Paredes. Tuned nonlinear energy sink with conical spring: design theory and sensitivity analysis. Journal of Mechanical Design - Transactions of the ASME. 140(1)011404-10. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL29]F. Soulas, C. Espinosa, F. Lachaud, S. Guinard, B. Lepetit, I. Revel and Y. Duval. A method to replace lightning strike tests by ball impacts in the design process of lightweight composite aircraft panels. International Journal of Impact Engineering. 111, 165-176. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL30]M. Harzallah, T. Pottier, R. Gilblas, Y. Landon, M. Mousseigne and J. Senatore. A coupled in-situ measurement of temperature and kinematic fields in Ti-6Al-4V serrated chip formation at micro-scale. International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture. , . 2018
[ACL31]C.R. Cater, X. Xiao, R.K. Goldberg and X. Gong. The Influence of Interlaminar Microstructure on Micro-Cracking at Laminate Free Edge . Composites Part - A: Applied Science and Manufacturing. , accepted April 2018. 2018
[ACL32]A. Wilhelm, S. Rivallant, J.-F. Ferrero and J. Morlier. Sandwich shield subjected to bird impact: use of surrogate models for influencing parameters analysis and shield behaviour understanding. Journal of Sandwich Structures and Materials. accepted, . 2018
[ACL33]H. Li, M. Perrin, F. Eyma, X. Jacob and V. Gibiat. Moisture content monitoring in glulam structures by embedded sensors via electrical methods. Wood Science and Technology. 52(3)733-752. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL34]S. Amiel, E. Copin, T. Sentenac, P. Lours and Y. Le Maoult. On the thermal sensitivity and resolution of a YSZ:Er3+/YSZ:Eu3+ fluorescent thermal history sensor. Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical. 272, 42-52. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL35]M. Rollin, L. Penazzi, V. Velay, A. Dupuy and S. Gallet. A New Numerical Strategy for SPF Pressure Profile Computing Based on Statistical Strain Rate Controlling. International Journal Of Mechanical Sciences. Accepté, . 2018 [DOI]
[ACL36]P.-M. Nigay, A. Nzihou and T. Cutard. The impact of the particle size distribution of organic additives on the microstructure of a clay ceramic and its thermal and mechanical properties. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering. 30(4). 2018 [HAL]
[ACL37]F. Mitjana, S. Cafieri, F. Bugarin, C. Gogu and F. Castanie. Optimization of structures under buckling constraint using frame elements. ENGINEERING OPTIMIZATION. On line, . 2018 [DOI]
[ACL38]J. Senatore, F. Monies, W. Rubio, L. Tapie and B. Mawussi. Analysis of the twist of ruled surfaces. Application to strip machining.. International Journal of Manufacturing Research. 13(1)26-48. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL39]E. Silva, C.J. Deschamps, M. Rojas-cárdenas, C. Barrot, L. Baldas and S. Colin. A time-dependent method for the measurement of mass flow rate of gases in microchannels. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 120, 422-434. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL40]F. Blas, F. Ansart, P. Lours, J.-P. Bonino, S. Duluard, V. Vidal, L. Pin, G. Pujol and L. Bonin. Processing thermal barrier coatings via sol-gel route: Crack network control and durability. Surface and Coatings Technology. (334)71-77. 2018 [DOI]
[ACL41]H. Matsumoto, T. Nishihara, V. Velay and V. Vidal. Superplastic Property of the Ti–6Al–4V Alloy with Ultrafine-Grained Heterogeneous Microstructure. Advanced Engineering Materials. 20(1). 2018 [DOI]

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