The research Master SMMS (Sciences for Mechanics of Materials and Structures) is common to 5 universities and Engineering Schools of Occitany Region:

There are also to associated institutions:

Goal of the Master

This master is a research training in Mechanical Engineering. Covering many scientific fields, it seeks to satisfy as well as possible the important needs of the mechanical industry, but also to meet the specific needs of the Occitany region, especially in aeronautics and space fields.

The training is based on the research teams of Clément Ader Institute (ICA) and Laboratoire Génie de Production (LGP) of Tarbes. The lecturers are, for the most part, teacher researchers who work in partnership with industrial research laboratories, for instance through the supervision of PhD theses (CIFRE convention, direct contract...). Teachers provide courses that reflect their research activities, thus providing students with the most up-to-date visions of each discipline.

After graduating, students can undertake a PhD in the Mechanical Engineering specialty. The doctoral school MEGeP is the local reception structure that accompanies the theses carried out in relation with the laboratories of the Occitany region. After a doctorate, students may consider a career in Higher Education and Research or find a job in the mechanical industry.

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